The Sandwich Bar
Premium oriental delicacies in the heart of Vienna.


In a space which combines different cultures you’ll find the most delicious sandwiches freshly created in front of your eyes. Our special bread, fillings and dips are daily baked, cooked and freshly prepared for you.

Our homemade selection ranges from unique “OSB-Rolls” to “OSB-Pitas” to plates and a couple of fine sweets. With a central focus on Egyptian cuisine OSB synthesizes many different Middle Eastern tastes and cuisines with a 'Western twist' into a uniquely prepared delicacy. We celebrate and appreciate the act of cooking as well as the act of dining as an essential cultural event. OSB constitutes therefore an interface between orient and occident. A coloured and diverse space where different people meet and communicate. The kitchen acts as a mystic element of cultural interweaving. Different worlds meet and are smoothly interconnected. Analogous to the music, we celebrate food as an affirmative cross-cultural element. The detailed architectural design combines oriental design elements with modern western elements and materializes thereby this cultural hybridity.

A tiny, warm and welcoming space to relax and listen to good music while enjoying premium oriental food with a western twist is waiting for you - You are most welcome to enjoy your delicacy in the shop or to grab it in a nice takeaway box! Currently we are offering only fingerfood catering!


Happy to take your orders!