When you think it won't do, a sandwich appears out of the blue.¹

On October 17th, 2014 the Oriental Sandwich Bar has been established by Mrs. Salwa Ghobrial, Mr. Mina Yaney and Mr. Bischoy Yaney. A former tiny internet cafe has been transformed by architect Mina Yaney into a cross-cultural space in order to serve high-end street food. Mrs. Ghobrial's traditional recipes originate in the south of Egypt and have been passed down from generation to generation. Arriving in her hands, she extended them in a quite unique way while combining them with European tastes.

Unexpectedly fast, her homemade delicacies have been discovered and praised by Vienna's most renowned restaurant critics. After the successful testing phase the sandwich bar moved into the city center into a side street of the Rotenturmstraße, next to the "Bermuda Dreieck".

OSB's central focus is persistently directed towards handcrafted, premium delicacies and a coss-cultural brand identity.

¹Severin Corti, O.S.B.: Neue beste Sandwiches der Stadt, Standard, 04.11.14